Xaxti- 200

What a ride! What a route! What a Day!!

A route meant to challenge and test fitness of body and strength of mind!! 

A ride across the most scenic and undisturbed environs of Salcete, Quepem, Sanguem and Ponda talukas and 88 riders raring to go at the Start Line of XAXTI 200 – 2020!!

CHALLENGE…the essence of this ride soon lived up to its promise as one climb followed the other with Control and Water Points alternating to provide respite. The determination of the riders was matched only by the enthusiasm of the XR volunteers. From hot coffee served with tonnes of cheer at CP I Quitoll to refreshing lime juice and chilled oranges at Khotigao in true XR Oliver style !! 

Sheer Ingenuity and a pump with a Spray by XR Paul Sa and the Bamanbudo waterfall greeted riders right on the road! Xaxti Riders Blaise, Rashid , Pradip and Ohm Stanley on their motorbikes patrolling mobile signal deficient forested areas ensured safety for all the riders. Cheering went a notch higher with XR Rennick using some decibel power to cheer riders up Ambeghat! 

Cold towels made the highly appreciated warm welcome at CP II at Vichundrem along with a simple nutritious lunch. Plenty of ice and electrolytes urged on by XR Johnnybab and some even sprawled out on the laid out tarpaulin for a quick nap! 

Sarva our Techman zipped between two Water Points at Khola and Uguem with water, bananas and electrolytes. Chilled Red Bull at Uguem upped the pep quotient further! CP III at Sawarde saw electrolytes combined with encouragement pushing the riders on to the last leg of this ride and to the Finish Point at Rabindra Bhavan! 

Loud cheers , hot samosas with tea and lots of bonhomie and photoshoots along with the twinkling lights strung up made for a festive Finish Point as Finishers started coming in singles and batches. A ride planned with precision by our think tank and wholly implemented by an over the top enthusiasm of the Volunteers! Heroes were made yesterday as well!! 

Kudos to young Vrushabh Shetkar who completed this gruelling ride of 204 kms and 2735 mts elevation in 11 hrs 9 mins on his single speed Frog bicycle!!!

A shout of thanks to our sponsors Monginis, Red Bull , Aster Hospital , Ravindra Bhavan Margao,Kurade family, Daily Crayon, Ice Bank and PK Jewellers. 

Your contribution went a long way to making this event bigger and better!

Xaxti Riders are highly appreciative of all riders who registered, participated and made this event a huge success!

54 thoughts on “Xaxti- 200”

  1. The ride was so far the toughest but due to the better arrangements, we felt better. The facilities were really good. From the route plan to the food arrangement and the trophy. Everything was world class. Thank you for providing us a very good experience!looking forward for many such rides in future.

  2. A super effort in organising this ride by XR President Sameer. His zeal and enthusiasm percolated to the volunteers and that peeped up the brave cyclists in turn conquered the hills. It was an experience watching from close quarters, especially the last 15 who had to feed off each other to conquer
    Ride Strong Ride Safe

  3. Dattaraj Lawande

    A very well organised event, it was a test of own endurance..! Even though the route was super challenging yet the group of volunteers ensured we made through comfortably with all those cooled towels,the water spray, lemon water, fruits, electral and what not.. all that a exhausted body could ask for..not to forget one volunteer whose name I am not aware, he was always there at strategic points with his lab dog literally at every difficult climb and motivated and cheered us to make up to the top ❤️..

    There was a innova vehicle doing rounds continuously with two gentlemen who ensured we never ran out of water..chilled water and fruits..!

    The volunteers at breakfast point and at lunch point very all ready to help..the food was amazing with the tasty gaunti chicken gravy alongwith pao, rice and dal…the sweet dish and almost everything which could power us for another 100 kms..👍

    Even the trophies handed over were worth the struggle we went through.. overall a very good event.

    My first long distant ride was xaxti 100 last year and again this year it was xaxti 200, my maiden 200kms ride and I would say the most challenging one I ever imagined of !

    Thank you team Xaxti Riders for all the efforts you all put in making this beautiful and a memorable 200kms ride with super elevation of over 2500mts…. looking forward to join in at the future events too. ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  4. It was one of sweetest experience of the life, doing 200km with elevations 2600 plus was dream come true, enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to the entire team of XAXTI RIDERS, everything so meticulously planned & executed, volunteers were available through out the route, never felt short of anything,all the riders were supportive, it was one of the biggest mega event I have seen which was so well organised, specially under this pandemic condition, helmets off to entire team. Can’t wait to have next big event of XAXTI 100. Till then keep safe riding. Well Done Sameer , Binny & entire XAXTI RIDER Team

  5. Oliver coutinho

    It was a well organised ride by sameerbab who left no stone unturned .he worked tirelessly for days .the weather was on our side except for a few hours but every riders got all the help and boost required so that he finishes the ride and complete the 200.thw entire day was well spent by all. It was a family event which many are still talking about especially the jungle routes.cheers xaxti riders

  6. Sheldon Pereira

    Xaxti 200 was my first long distance cycling experience and was completely satisfying. The route was very challenging and on completion I was overjoyed on being able to achieve this milestone. The organisation, checkpoints and road support was fantastic. Cheers to the Xaxti Organising Team for this memorable experience.

  7. Such a vivid description! Lovely to see the enthusiasm and determination of the participants and the volunteers. And such lovely photos too. Well done Xaxti Riders, way to go!!

  8. It was a great experience. Very scenic route. Enjoyed a lot ! Thanks to organiser and all the volunteers for their encouragement. Each control point and water point was like full of energy! They pushed us and made sure that we kept going. It was a very good experience enjoyed a lot ! Thanks to everyone ! ❤️

  9. Truely amazing route through the sentuary, the breakfast in between of the trees gave the riders a fresh feel 😍 amazing experience with high elevations. And also not forgetting the control point who served soo well and quick..! Cheers to Xaxtiriders and Cycling Goa

  10. Viren Dhamaskar

    Thank you Xaxti Riders for such a well organised event, the route was well planned and all the volunteers were very very hospitable. Will love to see many such events organised by your team in future.

  11. Superb route – scenic with glorious vistas! The view after cresting every peak was so beguiling that you feel like stopping and communing with nature. A brutal, demanding ride, but every finisher was left with a gratifying sense of fulfillment. Acclamation and applause to the organisers!

  12. This was my second year at Xaxti 200 ride organised jointly by cycling goa and xaxti riders. I was little late to register for it, I made it possible to take part in ride in whatever circumstances possible as it was a challenge to do 2638 m of elevation in a single day ride and that too 200 kms cumulative distance within 13 hours 30 minutes cut off time. Whenever I take part in rides organised by Xaxti riders and Cycling Goa, i have observed that they put their heart out in arrangements, from planning of routes which involves picturesque villages and scenic routes to providing the best food and rider facilities at every control points, their preparation are meticulous leaving no stone unturned for the rider to feel that they are indeed a part of a whole camaraderie. And this is the very reason I love to ride with them every single time. If you are a newcomer or wishing to ride in Goa with a challenge..take part in Xaxti 100 as a beginner or face the challenge to complete Xaxti 200 as a professional cyclist and prove your mettle. From arrangement of rider bags by daily crayons at start point, rider tags to each rider well in advance across Goa, to providing chilled pilled oranges, mist sprays after a scorchig heat, bananas and water at every control points which were strategically kept after every challenges were accomplished, wholesome nutritious food at lunch point, ice packs at last 25 kms distance and not to forget the ever caring vokunteers placed at every control point who made it sure that u never leave a control point without your bottle or hydration pack unfilled with chilled mineral water …to beautifully carved wooden trophies that were just elegant!!!…. hats off to the organisers!! Hope that one day this route will be made as famous as we have the Paris-Brest-Paris route and will be known as the best experience for a cyclists to enjoy and feel the terrain of beautiful state of Goa. Looking forward to many such rides with ‘Cycling Goa’ and the ‘Xaxti Riders’. VIVA xaxti riders and Viva Cycling Goa… !!! You have made us all proud…

  13. It was a grueling route through some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Goa. It was truly a challenge. The arrangements were impeccable and the volunteers were bright spots with their willing hands, copious plying of refreshments and their and shouts of encouragement. The sense of pride and achievement after completion of this route was immense and gave me a high. It was my first attempt at a 200 and being one of only two women (the other being Belinda!), put more pressure on me to finish. However, as Belinda pointed out, being at the starting point was half the battle won! Kudos to all the organizers and the participants!

    1. Super organisation by Sameer & Xaxxti Team. Gruesome route and well acheived by the finishers with super support and motivation all along the way. Another feather…Xaxxti take a bow guys and ladies. To many more…Cheers

  14. Although I am possibly repeating myself following my words of praise to the organisers during Xaxti 200 , I, on behalf of Panjim Cycling club, would once again like to thank you and all your committee members and willing helpers for putting on such a great show in Xaxti . It really set the standard for all future rides , and will obviously be a difficult act to follow. As an active rider and volunteer it was great being able to chat with diffrent riders and my friends from xaxti and other parts of Goa .
    As far as riders who took part in the xaxti 200 I could imagine all the five S’s of Atheletes displayed by them stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these was spirit.” which I could see not only in soul n body of riders but more so in the support team of volunteers and members 👍👍👍👍🥂❤️

  15. Xaxti 200 was my first xaxti event . I had a wonderful and self learning experience through the toughest route of goa. Organization was at the top level. Waiting for xaxti 100 .
    Viva xaxti riders

  16. I would put this as the time of my life.
    According to me, this event was not about the rider’s, it was about lovely XR family and their sincere love , dedication and passion for this sport. The figure 200km is not about the kilometres, it’s about the 200% mind involvement of the organizers, the elevation of 2700m is not to be complained, but the pain the XR family took to organise this, it’s was simply flawless, mind-blowing, and limitless planning.
    In motor bike riding it is said brotherhood, but I could feel it while riding yesterday.
    I do not want to stop appreciating all the organizers and volunteers but will do with a big thank you for showing so much love.
    Proud to be a part of such a vibrant family.
    And a loud applause to all the riders who took the challenge and made it a great success. VIVA XAXTI RIDERS.
    Malcolm coelho

  17. This XR200 was second attempt to do a 200K ride. The route was just out of the world, tough but doable if done over two days for me. The XR volunteers were very caring and had a smile to understand the pain of the rider. One day I will complete a XR200 in one day.

  18. It just gets better and better, isn’t it? The XR200, in terms of organizational skills, coordination skills and lending it a very personal touch will garner topmost marks; and by way of selfless hard work and sacrifices put in by Sameer and Binny to showcase the event in its splendor, it is simply incomparable. To me it poses a serious query, why Sameer is not heading the cycling federation of India. You bet, I am serious.

  19. Abhijeet Salkar

    On one of the rides where I was accompanying my friends who were preparing for another endurance event, I took an impulsive decision to participate in this challenging event.

    Making a comeback after a angioplasty a couple of years ago wasnt going to be easy. But then my home club, The Vasco Cycling Club in the last three months introduced challenges like “ramp up to 50″ ,” ride 30kms for 25 days in a month” and the ongoing “everesting” challenge . As I completed these challenges, I was convinced that I am fit enough.

    But come event day, the xaxti riders team had gone out that extra mile to ensure that riders were well looked after. They were placed at strategic locations and help was around just when you wanted it. If not for the ever smiling, enthusiastic, energetic volunteering , I would have completed the ride.
    The meticulous planning that went into executing the event of this scale was seen in every small detail.
    I saw Goa in a way I had never before seen, thanks to the lovely , scenic and challenging route.

    I’ll make sure to be a regular for this event in future

  20. Anandghan - Mohanish Tilve

    The most sort after signature event of cycling in Goa. I was part of 1st edition of Xaxti 200. I always am admirer of Xaxti Riders, Margao ever since I am into cycling. They work like family under visionary leader Sameerbaab. Talking about this year’s event, it was well planned & executed, a study material to any other cycling organization out there, as to how any event has to be planned and made successful. In an interview given to me a day prior Sameerbaab in detail talks about their organization and this event. Watch it on this link https://youtu.be/m_TArUAr99s
    Sameerbaab and his team does what they say. Participant riders from Goa and from Pune too shared their experiences with me as the event was awesome, rout and support was nice. I have shared the glimpses of the same in my videos in 2 parts which is self explanatory. I request all to watch it to believe it.
    Thanks to the organizers,supporters, volunteers & sponsors not to forget big thanks to all the riders.

  21. Out of the World experience!
    Can’t be grateful enough to each one those who extended the help during this ride.
    Thank you Card 😊

  22. Representing myself in my bright Vasco Cycling Club Colours at a XAXTI official event was always on my bucket list ever since I rode an informal Sunday breakfast ride century with the XAXTI crew.
    Having already been initiated into half of what we could expect to endure, I referred to the map and plan briefly once.
    With no much more planning and thought I decided to enroll to experience the XAXTI 200.
    The sheer fact that the calculated elevation was over 2700 meters. made it exciting as well as scary.
    Hailing from Vasco, we are adept at scaling hills and navigating rolling roads with ease. But doing it over a sustained period of time with minimal knowledge of the route was petrifying.
    From the get-go, I had mapped the toughest climb to be the Khola kicker.
    having already done Ambeghat once I was quite sure I could conquer that with ease.
    The pace was easy and the morale was high.
    XAXTI volunteers left no stone unturned when it came to pampering every rider passing through the various CP’s. Kudos to all the Volunteers !!
    From the chilled ice water to fruits and the blast of Electral. I must have downed half a dozen bananas through the whole route. And that much needed shot of chilled Red Bull !!
    The lunch stop at vinculum was delectable and was much needed.
    I however decided to fight the urge and just feed myself enough to survive, what was still to come.
    I could see some riders having just a light snack…. and mind you they were all those who already did this route recce once before.:) smart folk 🙂
    once we hit savordem it was familiar ground. rolling roads and the end seemed achievable now.
    A special mention to XR Abhijit who flanked me through the toughest parts of the ride. His company and our talk made easy work of some of the toughest most demanding climbs.
    I completed the ride in 11 hours 30 minutes at a comfortable pace with nil mechanical issues.
    All in all a perfectly planned event with utmost attention given to every single detail.
    Special mentions to XR Sameer, Rennick, Celsa, Althea, Puspa & Daughter!
    many more to thank but I don’t know them personally.
    to many more rides and great fellowship.
    See you guys at the Xaxti 100 !!
    Viva XR!

  23. Xaxti200, What a ride it was. 200km of grueling terrain. One climb after another, a real test of ones endurance and mental thoughness. A very well organized ride by Sameer baab and the XR think tank, with uttermost attention to detail. Having known Sameer baab and his concern for all cyclists, it was not surprising to see no stone unturned to ensure rider safety and comfort. All control points and water points were stretigically spaced to ensure no rider ran out of water and refreshments. Technical support was readily available along the route. One of the thoughest rides i have done but one I enjoyed the most. Many congratulations to all who registered and completed the ride and last but not the least the immense contribution of all volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure all panned out smoothly that day. Looking forward to many more such rides. Viva XR.

  24. The XAXTI 200 : A signature XR event of 200 KM . And what a mind blowing success it was !!!

    The daunting elevation of 2700 meters was a challenge thrown to the Riders like never before . But at the end it was achievable with the comfort of being pampered by the volunteers , who were tirelessly supporting the riders … And I was one of the Riders . So this is a first hand experience .

    Absolutely stunning route thru Goa’s hinterland . You get that surreal feeling while riding thru the Forests , Farmlands , Hills & Waterfalls .
    3 cheers to the planning of the route by Sameer , Prez of the XR club . It was meticulous …How ? Well the first Golden rule : The HIGHWAYS were avoided .

    There was an Ambulance , Several Support vehicles , Sweeper vehicles , Service specialists incase of breakdown …all that which assures a RIDER taking up the challenge . The many water points / breakfast & Lunch points …and WOW , the family members were seen all through the 200 km route cheering and supporting the riders with food , water and what matters the most : Attention and Cheer 🙂 .

    What came to my MIND during the Ride and after reaching the Finish line ….WHOA , how much more FUN it will be for the XAXTI 100 event coming up on 7th FEBRUARY 2021 …Looking forward to Ride that with my family members riding alongside . I blocked my date …And who will miss it ?

  25. It was yet again a fantastic experience…Travelling all the way from Pune to Goa and back battling bad roads..
    Sameer Nadkarni and Xaxti team lived to their expectations and delivered yet again a flawless event…in terms of
    Route selection
    Route Marking
    Rider support
    Cheerful volunteers
    Marshalls performance
    Cheering and Encouraging riders on the tough route..
    100 out of 100…
    Already looking for next 200 km ride..
    Thank you all the volunteers..
    Take my bow 🙇‍♀️…

  26. I will take a lot of memories from today’s event . Xaxti riders events are by far the best organized, not cause of one or two people effort but the fact that you guys get the whole community involved to promote your love for cycling is something everyone can learn…for me personally some of the highlights were the cold oranges just before the ambe ghat climb ,the enthusiasm at the quitol check point ,the crazy idea of water spray at ambe ghat…the welcome at lunch ,the red bull and not to mention rennick loud encouragement on the climb, I dont recollect the name of the person but he bought us water and bananas on a scooter ..who does that ? …thank you xaxti riders 🙏🏽….and yes the route was really challenging, I will always remember this 200 👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  27. “Xaxti 200” was really a great event for promoting cycling and cyclist in Goa. Learned a lot from this event. It is not just about 200kms distance nor 2700 m elevation. Xaxti 200 test the rider to its maximum capacity, endurance and mental capability.
    Towards the end you are left with 60km to go, alone , tired , battling the heat , you spot one rider in front you try and catch up with him start a conversation finish the ride together. Matter of fact the other rider was going through the same thought .
    As it is correctly said @ Xaxti Riders if it doesn’t challenge you , it doesn’t change you.
    The entire route was well planned , meticulous arrangement , and dedicated volunteers were the real stars.
    The Xaxti Riders grooming and mentoring the young cyclist of Goa will surely help Goan cyclist.
    Once again I thank “Xaxti Riders” and “Cycling Goa” for organising such an amazing event.
    Kudos to all the achiever’s of Xaxti 200, and Valor to all who challenged it.
    Looking forward for “Xaxti 200” 2021
    Viva “Xaxti Riders”.

  28. Unknown about the XAXTI 200 I registered for it as my friend Vincent send me a link and luckily I was in Goa. Event was organised on Nov, 22nd and I enrolled on Nov, 11th.
    It was held at Ravindra Bhawan and I wake up at 3:30am to prepare my breakfast and leave for the venue. Upon reaching there I completed my registration process and assembled at the starting point, the organization commitee was cheerful and helpful right from the entrance gate.
    Soon the race began at 6:00 hrs and on the very first turn I took a wrong turn and was left behind until 44 minutes passed when I saw other riders of XR.
    As I was unaware of the terrain I thought this ride will be a smooth ride as who is gonna ride on hills for 200 km but just after 40 kms I was wrong about my own perception and climb of Morpirla took our breath and I somehow managed to climb it.
    On the second ascent of Khola I had to sway from one side of the road to the other as I was not able to paddle in a linear way upwards anyways it was a lot of fun doing it but what was more thrilling was free flowing downwards after steep ascents.
    It was after 92 kms where I took my first stop and rested for a while and move ahead towards Ambeghat climb and just before it at Bamanbudo waterfall there was a water spray to cool off the heat and start fresh.
    After completing a 23 km loop before the lunch I was completely exhausted as weather was too sunny. We had simple and nutritious lunch and I left for the remaining 75 kms and met Vishal on the way and we ride together till the end. When the last 50kms were remaining we came across the redbull and it was the best drink to cool ourself and quench our thirst.
    As we were approaching to the end although being exhausted we were riding wildly and ferociously.
    All this was possible due to the efforts of volunteers and organizing committee who constantly motivated the riders and maintained a great coordination among each other throughout the event.

  29. GUTS,DETERMINATION AND GLORY!Apt words to describe Xaxti 200 in 3 words!The riders were awesome in completing this grueling event but what a ride it was,with elevations which test the toughened cyclists and breath taking views of the hinterland!Meticulously set up by El President Sameer and executed in style by his band of merry men and women!A great show and credit to all who were part of this event!The bar keeps rising and we look forward to the next event!!

  30. Vinayak Gaonkar

    “If it doesn’t challenge you it does not change you.”
    well that was the tagline for this event and I’m pretty sure it changed everyone’s perspective about the endurance sport who could be a part of this spectacular event. Not only as a rider but even as a spectator such events bring the change in motivation and gives something to look forward for.
    I would like to congratulate each and every member who were part of this event for bringing in this little change. Definitely looking forward for many more to come….
    Very well brought out in this blog about the wonderful organization which is the hallmark of this club. They set very high standards and definitely pamper😉 all the riders.
    Dev bare karun Sameer baab and his entire team.
    Cheers and Thanks.

  31. Althea Fernandes

    This was my first experience at the Xaxti 200 as a VOLUNTEER! And most of the time I was just in awe of all the riders! The way they attacked every climb ( again & again & again & again….😂) .
    Any event that is planned around the participant and his/her safety and well-being is always a success. And this holds true for the Xaxti 200, from the strategic water points, well stocked CPs, delicious lunch, surprise sprays of water and a stupendous organizing team that was led by stalwarts of the Xaxti Riders. There were many more things that made this a super special ride for many. To know more, you are going to have to take part and experience it ALL yourself 😀

  32. Xaxti 200.. the 3rd edition was an absolute challenge and 80 riders conquered it and how does it feels…well ” if it doesn’t challenge you it does not change you.”…and that’s what I will be saying when I touch the summit..the 2700 mts elevation…with the volunteers in few weeks time.

  33. The XAxti riders always were and are Pioneers in innovating and motivating and always trying sumthing new each time they plan this signature event. This time i was at control points vichundrem and sanvordem and I personally drove on this scenic route and hoping to do this section as I get time as this is such a scenic route as you see in the clicks itself … Mesmerizing and yet quite challenging. Xaxti riders are known to do impossible things and this was definitely a huge challenge to make a group of 100+ riders not only have the guts to make it to the starting point but complete this huge elevation challenge… Kudos and Cheers to this brilliant set of organisers who just don’t stay down even during this Pandemic and just rise bigger and stronger…. Cheers Cycling Goa for starting the Cycling revolution in Goa and Xaxti to take it to the next level each year….

  34. The Xaxti 200, the flagship event organized by Margao based Xaxti Riders was an eagerly anticipated event by the cyclingcommunityof Goa. Being my first year with the club my enthusiasm knew no bounds, though not enough to take the challenge of the ride itself. So I settled to play the role of volunteer as a motorcycle marshal. What struck me immediately was the meticulous planning that must have gone into pulling off this event. Every little detail was thought off and the riders were given as much support as possible to complete the grueling ride. An amateur cyclist like myself now looks forward to participate in next years event. President Sameer Nadkarni and his team deserves a big pat on the back for flawlessly executing this event during a pandemic.

  35. Czarina Coutinho

    Xaxti 200 for me as a volunteer was the most wonderful experience. The route was scenic but very challenging for our riders. We were at a water point in Cotigao about 85 kilometres from the start point serving lime juice, chilled oranges, water and also cooling the riders with water spray. The determination of the riders was incredible and admirable considering the 2735 m elevation and the blazing hot sun. The ride was meticulously planned and executed with lots of water , electrolytes , nutritious food, snacks , support vehicles, ambulance and technical support. The event was definitely a huge success and keeps us waiting for more.

  36. Paul Khawani-Connett

    This is a day I will surely remember for the rest of my life. And that’s not a flippant statement in any way at all.

    What Xaxti Riders have done for me over the last 6 months I cannot easily put into words. Me now having vastly increased fitness is the obvious one- but many new friendships have born out of Xaxti Riders, and this has been so very much what I needed. And at a time when I really needed it.

    It’s not been an easy ride (excuse the pun!) for me relocating from the UK to India, and for some reasons of which I’d best not elaborate on. The daily riding I now do with Xaxti I really do cherish, and what I would really like Sameer, Binny, Oliver, Johnny, and everyone else who selflessly volunteers to know is: Xaxti Riders really has changed my life and my whole perception of living in this strange country!!

    As the for the 200 event…what can I say? Just another big thankyou to the entire team, to Abhijit Chatterjee for talking me into it, to Viraj Pai for keeping me going- even though he though I was keeping him going!! The whole day was just unbelievable, and i can’t thank everyone enough for making this a reality for me. 😁🙏🏽 (Oh, and yes I will be doing more of these events!)

  37. Raghavendra Rao

    Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride and that is XAXTI STYLE. The day I rode with XAXTI Gang I was amazed with the gang’s energy and my relations with XAXTI riders can be now best described as “addicted” from the outside looking in.

    I frequent Goa very often and whenever I am in Goa from Bengaluru, I ensure I catch up for a ride on my bicycle with XAXTI gang which gives an enormous sense of freedom. Leaving the stresses of daily life and pedalling away without a care in the world, whether it is in your local lanes or high in the mountain’s miles from civilisation. There is little that can beat the beautiful simplicity of a bike ride and this XAXTI style is what is dear to me.

    After having missed two seasons of Xaxti 200 due to injuries or work commitments ,I decided not to get injured or not have any work commitment on or around the scheduled date which enabled me to participate in the event on 22nd Nov 2020 .

    In my experience of Xaxti 200 is very well-crafted route keeping in mind the local conditions, elevation and rider profile and let me assure you that this route to ride within the nature coupled with heat is simply superb.

    Now the Xaxti volunteer made the 200km ride sound easy because they pumped us all up with the required fuel – electrolytes, anticipation, fruits, and love which motivated our focus to conquer and this kept us going. I must say all who volunteered motivated from all front call it supported ride or unsupported but we all felt the need to complete the 200 mark within time to fulfil the anticipation I observed in each one’s eyes at the PIT stop . Further keeping 80 plus riders on the saddle to conquer one own fear of failure is what the volunteers assisted and each one also made us feel that bicycle is indeed a curious vehicle and passenger is its engine. This anticipation of the Xaxti volunteers is indeed addictive that enabled each one of us to conquer the elevation with ease when the ride had credentials like 2700mts elevation, and a dual century was thought to be difficult

    Now coming to the photo and video coverage we got. I must admit that all of us were made celebrity and the photoshoots, video sessions were simply great.

    Coming to food I must say well-crafted menu with local delicacies which will not harm the ride no chances of stomach upset.

    Coming to hydration all pit stops had enough supply so no chance of getting dehydrated and he most special was the red bull point which helped the lift the focus further to conquer the impending journey.

    I have no regret to have missed a BRM and will continue to ride these events so organised because the event in itself is a block buster and I am thankful that I was fortunate to experience the adrenaline rush .

    I must not forget to thank the entire XAXTI GANG including SAMEER, OLIVER , BLAISE, Volunteers and all the riders for contributing to the event in your own styles and lets all strive to make XAXTI a bigger grandeur in times to come .

    God bless us all with good health

    Raghavendra Rao

  38. A very well organised event, Xaxti 200 was my first long distance cycling experience,the organisation, check points and the support was brilliant, very scenic route it was trully challenging,not to be missed, Sameer our XR President offered me his Felt roadie which made my ride easy to touch the finishing point by 1600, overall it was a ride of a life time.

  39. I was invited to volunteer for Xaxti’s signature 200 ride and I’m so glad I was apart of it .

    The meticulous planning done by President Sammer and his very lovely wife Binny was astounding.
    Along with the Xaxti team everything was well taken care off. Right from the start point to the end , the bikers escort , the ambulance standby, the sweeper vehicle, the refreshing ice cold towels, the yumm food and last but not the least the well deserved achiever award …it all seemed international standards.

    A hearty congratulations to all the participants who dared to venture this ride.
    A commendable feat by all🙏🏽

    For the riders the Cool winter winds from the early start soon changed to Unforgiving heat along with excruciating elevation of 2700m.
    But they did it with flare and determination of Steel🦿🦿
    The excitement and cheers got louder , seeing them arriver at every control point and then moving forward to the next.
    This ride was definitely not a walk in the park.😰

    My utmost respect to Shirguru my friend
    He had a technical difficult at the early start…
    Due to which he lost the early head start by one whole hour .
    But nevertheless caught up with the Rest by lunch point.

    What doesn’t kill u makes you stronger!!
    Congratulations Sameer… You are the best 🙏

  40. Conceived as a ride with a difference , the Xaxti 200 has always been about going beyond your comfort zone and definitely about challenging one’ s limits!!!
       From the Volunteer’s desk , sheer admiration and respect for all the riders attempting this ride made us strive to do whatever it took to make it a wee bit easier!
      Planning and implementation worked in tandem as every Xaxti Rider put himself/ herself out whole heartedly aiming to make the XAXTI 200 a huge success!

  41. Pradip A P da Costa

    A Team is the reflection of it’s Leader. And I must say that Arch Sameer Nadkarni has left an indelible mark on Xaxti Riders. His zeal & motivation coupled with his self dedication is exemplary. The camaraderie of the Riders as well as the Volunteer Teams makes these rides so much more enjoyable. The 200 km ride was well curated across some tough terrains but through scenic hinterland Goa. Though I am not a member of Xaxti Riders felt an integral part of this family as a volunteer. Look forward to volunteering and supporting Sameer Bab & Team. Kudos once again to Xaxti Riders and Cycling Goa on a great experience.

  42. Belinda Viegas Mueller

    Yet another meticulously planned and superbly executed riding event by the Xaxti family! The route was absolutely scenic, but also brutal. It only shows how far cycling in Goa has come, that so many were able to successfully complete it. Thanks to all the efforts initially by Cycling Goa and now Xaxti Riders.
    All the volunteers did a marvelous job, showering us with so much love and support. Their loud cheers are still ringing in my ears, leaving me with warm and happy memories that I will always treasure – along with the lovely pics and videos.
    Viva Xaxti Riders Family!

  43. Belinda Viegas Mueller

    And yet another meticulously planned and superbly executed riding event by the Xaxti Riders family!
    The route was mesmerisingly scenic but also brutal. Only goes to show how far cycling in Goa has come that so many riders were able to successfully complete it – thanks to the efforts by Cycling Goa initially and now Xaxti Riders!
    All the volunteers did a marvelous job, showering us with so much of love and support. Their loud cheers are still ringing in my ears! These very warm and happy memories I will always treasure, along with the lovely pics and videos.
    I am truly blessed to be a part of this incredible, inspiring cycling family!
    Viva Xaxti Riders!

  44. Darshita Dessai

    I had an super duper time volunteering the XAXTI 200 ride 🚴.. It was an amazing event very well planned and executed.💯. xaxti rides we rock!!.. Looking forward for many more events to ride and be of some help volunteering too ☺️

  45. Shriguru Shetkar

    My first lucky 200km Ride ,
    the XAXTI 200 with 2700 mts elevation challenge!
    Knowing it was a tough ride and not having had enough practice I thought at first to skip the registration. I then got a message from Satyajit and Rupesh that Mr Sameer Nadkarni President of  XAXTI RIDERS wants me to ride the Xaxti 200 Challenge. I would like to think that he believed in me more than I believed in myself.
    I registered but had no cycle. But I was ‘ready’ in the heart and when the will is there you sometimes get what you desire. I managed to arrange a cycle for the day. Everything was set for XAXTI 200!
    I was excited knowing it was a tough and challenging route. The ride was flagged off from Rabindra Bhavan Margao with cheers by Xaxti Riders volunteers. Routing through  Arlem, Ravanfond , Quepem, Bali it was a smooth start. Amazing weather & the force of XAXTI RIDER’s and the first incline started while entering Morpirla village with one volunteer of XR club cheering from the top. Sometimes the  Universe brings about hurdles to make us strong & I had a fall and one tyre had a puncture. I have never fixed a puncture having not able to attend XR Sarva ‘s workshop.  I am very much thankful to the handsome Mr. Mandar Patil who attempted to change the tube. It was like taking a live workshop of changing tube & tyre . He attempted 4 times but we couldn’t succeed  and he had to go ahead. The best part of that day was I didn’t want to “Quit”.  Timely help from Volunteer Manoj Patel and cheering from the whole volunteer team ‘ Come on Guru you can do it’  and my body was filled with energy. I think i had one fruit & half a cupcake and started from there singing the song ‘ Vo sikandar hi doston kehlaata hai
    Haari baazi ko jeetna jise aata hai
    Niklenge maidan mein jis din hum jhoomke
    Dharti dolegi ye kadam choomke’ ha ha… 
    I knew only one thing in my mind ,  to reach Ravindra Bhavan before cut off time ie 7.30pm!
    Three cars from the XAXTI Team were behind me cheering and guiding me and I was just flying.
    Chilled oranges in khotigav wild life sanctuary were followed by a refreshing dip at gavdongri bamondudo waterfall and the amazingly cool Netravali forest. And then Lunch Point which had volunteers cheering and helping the riders.
    Back on saddle , I scaled every climb imagining myself on Chandreshwar hill. Cramped a bit at Shiroda but some rest helped and then started slowly with one goal, that of reaching Rabindra Bhavan before 7.30pm.
    I finally reached Rabindra Bhavan  @ 7pm .
     I cannot express my feelings how happy I was!! Grateful to Volunteer Manoj who was there on the road & heartily thankful to  Mr. Sameer Nadkarni & the whole XAXTI RIDER family for cheering and supporting  me to reach the Finish line.

  46. Kishore Kodolikar

    What a fabulous ride! Exemplary planning and execution like clockwork! Days and nights spent by the Xaxti think tank to plan the route, and decide on everything right down to the smallest detail. The result is perfection, take a bow Team Xaxti Riders.
    The route with an elevation of 2700m was mostly certainly not for the faint hearted but almost everyone completed it, including 2 braveheart ladies, thanks to the care and affection showered upon the riders by the volunteers at every critical point. Cold towels, chilled water fruits and a lot of laughs, pepped up the spirits of each rider to ride the next section with ease.
    This time the bar is set so high that it is going to be difficult to surpass this!
    Viva Xaxti Riders!

  47. Goa is a paradise..
    And to be able to ride in paradise is heaven.
    Thats what 87 cyclists who dared the XR200 km did….conquered paradise with sheer grit, endurance and determination……mind over matter in a ride across undulating terrain, beautiful forests in Goas punishing humidity.
    For sure,, the riders wil be back for more.. who can resist a ride so flawlessly curated, so
    meticulously planned and oh so vibrant..
    As a volunteer for the first time,,and a cycling novice, the thought does cross ones mind..oh to be sometime on the saddle on a XR 200km sojourn.
    Viva Xaxti Riders…. an awesome family with a selfless Sameer and Binny nurturing it..🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

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