Goa TT – Race 2 – Chadreshwar – 13-12-2020

The Chandreshwar Hill climb used to be like a graduation at one time, one needed to be a good cyclist to attempt this elevation challenge!  Thanks to the Time Trials organised by Cycling Goa and supported by Xaxti Riders early in this Covid year, this hill has been seeing more and more people attempting, enjoying and excelling this 4.04 km long and  255 mts elevation gain ... timed sprints and endurance repeats!

An electric and festive atmosphere today at  Race II Goa Time Trials!!!  The Chandreshwar Hill Climb!!

A climb not to be underestimated every rider put in his or her all and one could just admire! The Xaxticars of course made merry with the riders improving on their timing and our Talent Search Team youngsters hitting the leaderboard in comfort! Xaxti Riders volunteers were in full strength and in their element,  lauding and cheering all the participants at various points along  the climb. Not to be missed were Sumukh, Terence, Vijaybab, Vishal , Mohnish, Ajay Dongre and Lynn  clicking away merrily!! A big thanks to all the members of Xaxti Riders, Slopes and Bends and Vasco Cyclist for their support in making this event a grand success.

Fantastic camaraderie atop the summit along with typical goan hot and crisp samosas and a vada pav breakfast! Chandreshwar special 'ganjan chai' to clinch it!

Leaderboard positions were claimed and Personal Records were created on this beautiful crisp December Sunday morning at Chandreshwar Hill marking the finale of this competitive event which had started in the January of this year!   While the world has been in the throes of Covid , it has indeed been a year of lots of cycling miles and elevations for all of us here in the cycling community of Goa!

May we always Live to Ride!!!
Viva Cycling Viva Goa!

15 thoughts on “Goa TT – Race 2 – Chadreshwar – 13-12-2020”

  1. Fantastic report on the TT Race 2
    Goa needs more TTs.
    Thanks to Cycling Goa & Xaxti Riders the 2 formost cycling clubs in Goa & that too they are registered bodies .

  2. Binnys’ blogs are always as amazing as Cycling Goa & Xaxti Riders events.
    Look forward to more such TTs to promote New Talent.

  3. Indeed a lovely idea of having TT1 on a flat terrain n TT2 to test da power of a rider on a climb (phew what a climb) both races executed to perfection by Cycling Goa in collaboration with Xaxti Riders. At the end of da day…. Cycling was da winner….. These two time trials indeed lifted our spirits in these troubled pandemic times… VIVA CYCLING…. VIVA GOA

  4. It was a superb event , well organised by cycling Goa & supported by XAXTI riders, participants gave their heart out & enjoyed, loved the typical XAXTI breakfast of samosa, vada pav & Ganjam tea of chandreshwar, viva cycling Goa , Viva XAXTI Riders, Many more to come

  5. Anuradha Guglani

    Cycling Goa and xaxti riders put their Heart and soul out to plan This event . Very meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. With everyone contributing in their capacity, just to promote the love for cycling.
    It was a perfect test , a set of two trials, testing your abilities both in speed and strength, one along the coast and one in the jungle, revealing the beauty of goa as well.
    Next time I can foresee people from
    Out of Goa coming down just to participate in This chalenge and making it even more grand and sought after.

  6. It was indeed an amazing morning at Chandreshwar! One could feel the pulse and the Cycle throbs all along the beautiful winding slopes ! Very Well organised event,. 👍. N we volunteers felt so much part of the TT too…Cheers n cheers !!
    Viva Cycling in Goa, viva Xaxti riders and viva Binny for this beautiful blog!!

  7. My best wishes to Cycling Goa, group which takes such initiatives which boosts energy of the Goan cyclists and side by side gives them a platform to prove their Mettle. God bless you.

  8. Abhijit Chatterjee

    The concept of TT is simply amazing. The interesting part is that the Part 1 was in the flats and the second Part was for Hill Climb. Extremely well organized and strong Riders from all over Goa participating. The organizers did extremely well to make sure everything was just perfect. And very well summarized by Binota Nadkarni.

  9. Very cool blog, Binny. This was a must see event and the blog by Binny , the photos from Terence and the video from mohanish did due justice to this superbly crafted event…. Cheers to Cycling

  10. Wow, fantastic performance by everyone and even better results..
    Wonderfully organised by Cycling Goa and Xaxti Riders..
    The best performance comes out only during such electrifying events and I am kicking myself for missing out on such a wonderful event..

  11. Sundaram Narayanan

    Cycling Goa rocks again organizing such wonderful
    cycling event the ” Goa TT championship ”
    and gave opportunity to take part different age categories.

    Appreciate for the great effort by Team Cycling Goa.

    Looking forward forward annual event TOG 2021.


  12. Congratulations to Cycling Goa once again. They make it look so easy Because it works like Swiss watch.
    However, I know how hard this team works achieving success.
    We all take our hats off to you guys .

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